11052020-Tour en fosse

Eiffage Rail: Diane and Magali get back into shape in our workshop in Auvers-le-Hamon

Infrastructures Division

The kilometres travelled on the Brittany - Pays de la Loire high-speed line have revealed certain curves in the wheels of these two inseparable locomotives of Opéré. Make no mistake! It's a compliment in railway language. It is even said that you "made a sausage". 

This expression is the sign of regular and normal wear generated simply by the contact between the wheels and the rail, without any influence of parasitic movements causing disproportionate wear. Our technician therefore removed a very small amount of material from their wheels, causing no adjustment at the exit of the lathe in the pit. 

Diane and Magali set off again reinvigorated on the rails of the LGV BPL with optimal wheel profiles.

This operation is a fine example of the work carried out by the ECM workshop team at Eiffage Rail, whose activity never ceased during the confinement thanks to the implementation of barrier gestures from the middle of March. 

Taking care of the rolling stock is very important to us and also contributes to the success of the resumption of activity. 


Photos credit: Eiffage Rail