22062020-ligne 15

Line 15 South: end of the moulded walls on the Salengro funneling structure!

Infrastructures Division

Camille and Aïcha, the two tunnel boring machines of lot T2B, will break through this structure in Champigny-sur-Marne next year. On 17 June, a symbolic step was taken there by the teams from Eiffage Génie Civil and Razel-Bec, with the final concreting of the moulded wall panels, the first drilling of which began on 11 December 2017.

The special feature of this deep foundation work was its complex division into 3 phases, imposed by the need to maintain traffic on the RD4 - used daily by more than 20,000 vehicles - on the one hand. And by the rerouting of networks, on the other hand, such as the ovoid of the Val-de-Marne Department of Environmental Services and Sanitation (DSEA), which ensures the circulation of drinking water in the town of Champigny.

A total of 133 moulded wall panels, 2.80 m wide, 1.50 m thick and between 40 and 66 m deep, were produced here by the Eiffage Fondations - Icop consortium, representing a surface area of 26,800 m², almost the equivalent of 4 football pitches.

It is now up to the civil engineering teams to complete the roofing slab of the structure, so that work can begin on the box's underpinning at the end of the summer.

Photos Credit: Hervé Piraud