France's biggest pumptrack track will be designed by Eiffage Route

Infrastructures Division

Eiffage Route, in a consortium with the company My Tracks, under the project management of Lollier Ingénierie, has been entrusted by EPA Marne and EPA France with the construction of the largest pumptrack in France, 780 m long.

Located in the Montévrain eco-district (77), in the heart of Marne-la-Vallée, this project covers nearly 6,000 m². The works, for this new closed-loop pumptrack, are being carried out in two phases. The first involves 2,000 m³ of excavation in cut/fill and the shaping of bumps; the second phase involves the application of asphalt mix by hand.

This secure circuit will offer fans of sliding sports - rollerblading, skateboarding, scooters, BMX or mountain biking - four circuits offering a large number of trajectories and jumps. A green circuit, 90 metres long, for the youngest from 3 years old; a blue circuit, 230 metres long, for intermediate level riders; a red circuit, 380 metres long, for experienced sportsmen and women; an "out of category" circuit, finally, 90 metres long, reserved for thrill seekers.

Delivery planned for the end of July.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Route