11092020-Tablier de Pertuis

Saint-Nazaire: a swing bridge designed by Eiffage Métal

Infrastructures Division

The Pertuis bridge which separates the two basins port from the port of Saint-Nazaire, as called Saint-Nazaire and Penhoët bridges, has just been replaced by our teams.

The 350-tonne apron, manufactured in our Lauterbourg workshop, is 60 meters long by 9.30 wide and includes a secure access lane for pedestrians and people with reduced mobility. The deck also allows the passage of trucks up to 44 tons.

After being loaded onto a barge from our Lauterbourg factory, it sailed up the Rhine to Rotterdam, then transhipped onto a ship with 2 cranes on board of 400 tons each towards Saint-Nazaire. A precision lifting operation on the rotation frame 50 T previously installed. This lifting ends a year of work on the site, to give up testing for maneuver and commissioning.

A very fine operation of an XXL mobile structure for the Grand Port Maritime de Nantes-Saint-Nazaire.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Métal