Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies signs a 3-year cement supply contract with Eiffage Génie Civil

Segment Budownictwa infrastrukturalnego

Hoffmann Green will supply Eiffage Génie Civil, from 2021 and for the next three years, with its clinker-free decarbonated cement based on H-UKR technology for the construction of civil engineering infrastructures such as water towers, water retention basins, storage silos and civil engineering structures.

This order commitment, covering a total volume of approximately 50,000 m3 , materializes the desire for innovation on the part of the two players and their environmental commitments to help reduce the carbon impact of the construction sector.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, declare, "This multi-year commitment is extremely positive and concrete, as it means that from next year onwards, civil engineering infrastructure elements will be built by Eiffage Génie Civil in France using concrete with a significantly reduced carbon footprint thanks to our cements. Our company's entry into this new infrastructure market marks a decisive step in Hoffmann Green's business development and proves once again the competitiveness of our products. Furthermore, we are delighted to be working with a Group like Eiffage with whom we share a common vision of building tomorrow's infrastructure in a more eco-responsible way."

Simon Chamoret, Eiffage Civil Engineering Operations Director in charge of regional activities, added: "Eiffage is recognized for its commitment to sustainable development. In particular, we are committed to a low-carbon approach to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, both in terms of our own emissions and those related to our activities. The partnership with Hoffmann Green is part of this eco-responsible approach, since concrete made from cement with a low carbon footprint is a differentiating element in the development of our projects. It will enable us to feed into the continuous improvement process with regard to the sustainability of our civil engineering infrastructures. "

Eiffage has been working closely with Hoffmann Green for several years now to integrate its cements into construction projects. Using prefabricated elements, Hoffmann Green's low-impact cements will be used in two projects carried out by Eiffage Construction in Paris: Ateliers Gaité de Montparnasse and the L1VE tertiary complex on Avenue de la Grande Armée.