Crédit Agricole in Nîmes: our Eiffage Construction teams are taking over the construction site and starting work!

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Starting signal for our teams in South of France! Construction work on the new Crédit Agricole in Nîmes office building and the redevelopment of the site has just begun. Built using BIM (Building Information Modeling) and low-carbon concrete, this project will be delivered in early 2022.


Located on its historic site of the Mas de Cheylon, in Nîmes, this operation represents more than 5500m² of new offices that will accommodate the 250 people already in post.

The work, which will last a little more than a year, consists of the construction of the office building, the agency, the R+3 restaurant and foundations for photovoltaic shading and outdoor walkways. The concrete used will be low carbon, which makes it a fully integrated operation in the ambitious approach of the Eiffage group on the environmental level.
Designed for the Caisse Régionale Crédit Agricole Mutuel Languedoc, the project is designed by architect ZUO Montpellier. Its wavy facade makes the building a contemporary realization that seems to move according to the sun and its reflections.

Congratulations to our teams in Languedoc-Roussillon and thank you to our partners: CRÉDIT AGRICOLE IMMOBILIER, AL POLYEXPERT Toulouse, SOCOTEC Montpellier, SEGE Ingénierie Laverune, ALEP Cadenet, SYLVIE SIEG Montpellier, POLYEXPERT Toulouse