Eiffage receives the first all-electric Volvo vehicles ordered to to be used on the Grand Paris Express project

Segment Budownictwa infrastrukturalnego

Eiffage, through its subsidiary Eiffage Génie Civil, just received an FE Electric truck and an ECR25 Electric compact excavator from Volvo for use on the Grand Paris Express project. These all-electric vehicles comply with the environmental requirements of Société du Grand Paris as they do not produce any exhaust gases and have a low noise level.


The Group purchased these vehicles as part of its low-carbon strategy, which focuses in particular on the environmental transition. In its first climate report, Eiffage pledged to reduce its carbon footprint, in particular by reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions as well as those of its offering.

The FE Electric from Volvo Trucks is the first 100% electric vehicle used for worksite supply in France. It will collect and deliver tools and spare parts for demolition works of lot 1 of line 16 and lot T2B of line 15 of the Grand Paris Express project. The truck’s battery life will enable it to travel 150 km per day between its base at Santeny and various other sites.

The FE Electric 6x2 truck is equipped with two electric motors and four battery packs. A portable electric crane with maximum hydraulic range of 9.90 m and a rotation angle of 400° is installed on its 5,200 mm platform body.

The Volvo Construction Equipment ECR25 Electric compact excavator will be first used by Eiffage in support of deconstruction and dismantling activities on the Grand Paris Express project. The 2.7 tonnes compact excavator is equipped with two 200 kW motors and four batteries packs that power the machine for up to four hours, depending on application. It has a dump height of 2.96 m and a maximum digging depth of 2.76 m.

Both vehicles were assembled on the Volvo Group’s French production line – the FE Electric truck at the Blainville-sur-Orne factory in Normandy, and the ECR25 Electric compact excavator at the factory in Belley near Lyon.

Eiffage had already bought 15 FH LNG (liquid natural gas) trucks from Volvo at the end of 2019 to evacuate excavated material from lot 1 of line 16 of the Grand Paris Express project.

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