Clemessy reinvents the industries of the future

Segment Budownictwa energetycznego

Because every industrial process is different and every plant is unique, because transformation is a strategic choice and there is no target model, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ brand for industry Clemessy offers personalized solutions for all the industries of the future.  

Production tools are being modernized via the introduction of new technologies (the IoT, AI, the Cloud, big data, etc.) This is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and is the subject of a national programme named Industrie du futur (Industry of the future). Its aim is to modernize industrial firms, thus helping them to “produce customized goods at mass production costs”. The principle involves digitalizing production processes and organizational transformation in companies, and each of these two lines of action includes the implementation of a variety of technological building blocks. The industries of the future must be connected, optimized and creative, and above all, agile! 

They must also adopt the technological, economic, organizational, environmental, human and social transformation which suits them, implementing only the really necessary technological building blocks. This is why Clemessy is committed to improving each customer’s performance, adapting our solutions to their real needs and presenting them by operating segment : infrastructure, maintenance, production, logistics, and research and development. The innovation ecosystem developed by Clemessy targets all the industries of the future, or rather: each one of them.  

Cyber Security and Digital Transformation Sales Manager Jocelyn Zindy gave us a few examples of ground-breaking solutions : “SmartForest has enabled data science and AI to be used in preventive maintenance. Moreover, SmartForest Mobility is presented as mobile assistance for technical interventions. It is intended for all maintenance technicians having to move around one or more sites. Our teams have also developed an energy performance tool allowing energy consumption to be optimized in industrial environments. Finally, our cyber security solutions are able to safeguard industrial facilities”.  

These major innovations are currently central to our customers’ preoccupations. They are designed to modernize production tools, while reconciling companies’ main issues: improving production, product quality, optimizing maintenance, market-responsiveness and cyber security. They come from a global vision of the industrial process, where new technologies are made to work for human development.