Design operation on STEEL in Saint-Etienne

Segment Budownictwa infrastrukturalnego

Eiffage Route's teams, working in synergy with those of Eiffage Génie Civil and Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, completed the Steel worksite in Saint-Etienne for Apsys in 14 months. The site of this commercial hub, located in the Pont de l'Ane area, is a real urban metamorphosis. It has, in fact, enabled a polluted and disused industrial wasteland of 16 hectares to be requalified as a green park with playgrounds and around 56,000 m² of commercial space.

Eiffage Route's teams took charge of the external developments by building, among other things, the retaining walls, service roads, infiltrating parking areas and asphalt mixes, on land that had previously been cleared and excavated by Eiffage Génie Civil.
At the same time, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes teams carried out the work on the dry networks and parking lot lighting.
In all, some 60 employees were mobilized to carry out this project, which reinforces the modern image of the design capital, which is currently undergoing a major urban transformation.
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 The building site in numbers: 

  • 11,000 t of asphalt mix
  • 10 km of curbs
  • 400 m² of retaining wall
  • 7,000 m² infiltration paving stones
  • 2 km of sanitation
  • 39,000 t of TNG
  • 400,000 m³ of excavation or backfill
  • 35,000 m³ of granular form layer
  • 80,000 m² of floor reinforcement
  • 15 000 me² of preloading
  • 6,000 m of wet networks
  • 500 m³ of retention basins (type Triton or steel tank)

Photo Credit : Actophoto