Bry-sur-Marne sparkles with Christmas lights installed by Expercité

Segment Budownictwa energetycznego

The town of Bry-sur-Marne (94) was lit up during the festive season, to the great delight of its inhabitants. Our Expercité specialists had been working hard to get the Christmas lights set up for early December, thus helping to create a festive atmosphere despite the sanitary measures in force. Mission accomplished ! 

Our electricians installed 3.6 kilometres of sparkling flame fairy lights in the branches of the five lime trees next to the Town Hall entrance. They also decorated four of the town’s emblematic fir trees, sharing a kilometre of red and gold light strings and a hundred Christmas baubles between them. Our experts then rolled out 150 metres of white light strings on the roundabout and the shrubs in the Place Daguerre, 350 metres of gold fairy lights on the Town Hall and market façades, and 500 metres of additional gold lights on the 30-metre-high tree in Paul Berthet Park. To decorate the town’s streets, our teams also put up 18 light decorations at road crossings and 51 decorative elements on street lights in the town centre. They finally installed cables for the power supply to the Christmas Market chalets in the Place de la Mairie.  

This short project began on 16 November, enabling the Christmas lights to be switched on and inaugurated on 4 December 2020. The works continued during the week of 7 to 11 December.  

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