Operation Connexion to nature: Eiffage Construction reduces its carbon impact through sustainable forest management

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Our Eiffage Construction teams in Occitanie region (south of France) have just made a genuine commitment to environmental protection: by creating a partnership with Biocenys, we are committed to offsetting the carbon footprint left by the work on the "Connexion La Cartoucherie" site in Toulouse. This initiative, which is truly part of the Eiffage Group's ambitious environmental approach, involves the sustainable management of a local forest. In this way, it enables carbon to be stored and encourages the conservation of species within these woodlands.

After carrying out an initial carbon assessment of the project, it was decided to propose a voluntary carbon offsetting solution. 

Our teams therefore approached Biocenys in order to find a local solution. In concrete terms, Eiffage Construction is making a financial contribution to the sustainable forest management of Fontbruno, in the town of Escoussens in the Tarn region, which will enable 13.5 ha of degraded forest to be restored. This compensation represents more than 8,200 trees for a sequestration of 262 tonnes of CO2.

This initiative makes it possible to conserve and improve the carbon sinks and biodiversity of forests that are managed sustainably, thanks to a demanding charter, thus contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint but also to the preservation of biodiversity.

The "Connexion La Cartoucherie" construction project is a large-scale operation in Toulouse designed by VIGNEU & ZILIO. Begun in July 2020, the work will be completed in autumn 2021. It consists of the construction of a mixed complex of 145 housing units and 1,000 m² of office space in two ground floor+9 buildings. In addition, two aerial metal footbridges and two fitted roof tops (one for IN'LI, the project's prime contractor, and the other for the residents) will enhance the living areas.

This strong commitment made by our teams in Occitanie will enable the site to be promoted and enhanced, thanks to natural regeneration and the planting of trees. Congratulations for this great initiative!