Eiffage Energie Systèmes adopts a low-carbon approach to constructing the biogas grid for Grand Poitiers urban area

Segment Budownictwa energetycznego

In November, in partnership with GRDF, Eiffage Energie Systèmes finished constructing the biogas network grid covering Grand Poitiers urban area. A part of this network was achieved using wrapping.

This method involves covering the gas pipes with geotextile film and has several advantages, including the protection of the pipeline from mechanical stress during its entire lifecycle. The process also contributes to significantly limiting the worksite’s carbon footprint by reducing the addition of sand, traditionally used as backfill in the pipeline trenches. At least 20 transport truck turnarounds were thus avoided. In addition, the technique saves a significant amount of time: a project which would take at least three weeks using traditional methods can now be completed twice as quickly.  

Lastly, by limiting the supply of materials and their deployment on the site, the risks are reduced and safety is improved. For our customer GRDF, this operating mode was a first at national level: none of their French pipelines had ever been laid “wrapped” before. With partnerships such as GRDF, we can hope for other low-carbon network construction projects like this one, where environmentally-friendly methods are adopted.