BOA barge 33 in Dakar to serve the GTA project for BP

Segment Budownictwa infrastrukturalnego

Barge BOA 33, specially adapted for the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim project, has arrived at pier 8 of the Port Autonome de Dakar on January 16th 2021.

The 21caissons (16,200 tons each) that will form the breakwater for the project will be loaded out from their location at the loading dock. The barge will then be towed to the flotation zone off the Gore Island, where it will be submerged at a depth of 30 m to free the caissons, where they will benefit from 17 m of draft.
To accommodate the barge, a quay was built in November 2020 in Dakar.
The caisson loading and launching operations will be launched, depending on weather conditions, to prepare a stock of caissons for installation this summer.
Eiffage Génie Civil Marine had already used successfully this barge for the Gorgon LNG project for Chevron in Australia.

Credit Photos : Eiffage Génie Civil