Eiffage lines up alongside INSA Lyon and Handicap International

APRR Group

In January 2021, on behalf of Eiffage, APPR signed a partnership with the INSA Lyon* foundation, the city’s leading engineering school, and the NGO Handicap International

Lyon’s National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA) and Handicap International have joined forces to form Alliance, an innovative initiative aimed at responding to the new challenges of international solidarity and looking at ways in which engineers can provide answers to these issues. By participating in this project, APRR reinforces its commitment to social responsibility and diversity.
“Gaston Berger, the founder of the INSA schools, wanted to train engineers who are humanitarians with an open view of the world,” says Pascal Billard, APRR’s Director of Human Resources. “We share this conviction, which is in line with our Group’s values.” Representing the diversity and inclusion aspect of the initiative, subjects that are also at the core of APRR’s policy, is Handicap International.
“The objective at events and meetings organised with the INSA students is to illustrate to them actions which, in various forms, are part of a commitment to society,” continues Pascal Billard. “So we examine research subjects, such as the bionic glove developed by Eiffage, created to help its user manipulate heavy loads, but which can also be used as a tool for people suffering from a disability.”
Besides the financial commitment, this partnership is also APRR’s opportunity to meet a younger audience, some of whom may be its employees of tomorrow. So while promoting the Group’s employer branding, the project also confirms its role as a socially responsible company.
*Lyon National Institute for Applied Sciences.
Photo: Philippe Nourry, head of Motorway Concessions at Eiffage (left) and Alex Méténier, Director of Business Relations at INSA Lyon (right).