B3 Ecodesing Claye-Souilly

"Nouvel'R", the first real estate operation with industrialised solutions

Construction Division

A first for Eiffage Immobilier and B3 Ecodesign, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, with the installation of the first recycled maritime container in a new property development.

This future programme, called "Nouvel'R", located in the Bois des Granges eco-district in Claye-Souilly, developed by Eiffage Aménagement, will consist of 20 new one-storey social housing units, acquired by Trois Moulins Habitat from the Polylogis Group.

This programme is based on 54 containers adapted and designed by B3Ecodesign, a manufacturer of eco-responsible modular buildings.
To meet the evolving technical and climatic challenges of tomorrow's cities, Nouvel'R is aiming for the biosourced level 1 label and the E+C- level E2C1 label.
Each home :

  • will be partly supplied with energy by photovoltaic panels;
  • will be 100% through-going;
  • and will have a private outdoor space.

Modular construction is an innovative and virtuous solution, in line with a circular economy. In addition to helping to reduce the carbon footprint of construction sites through off-site construction, it offers shorter delivery times and promises a unique and modern design.
Client: Eiffage Immobilier
Architect: 2ADesign