First "ticketless entry" operational on AREA highway

APRR Group

This is a first on the AREA highway network, a subsidiary of APRR. Since mid-September, coming from Grenoble (A41 South) or from the Maurienne in Savoie (A43), after the urban expressway of Chambéry, it’s possible to take the A41 North towards Annecy or Geneva, without taking a ticket!


After the Montmarault interchange last July, on the APRR highway network, it was AREA's turn to inaugurate on September 15 a second « ticketless » entry lane, located at the junction of the A41 and A43 near Chambéry (Savoie) in the direction of Annecy (Haute-Savoie). No more stops or slowdowns since this entrance lane no longer has a toll barrier. Thanks to this new system, which is more practical, more fluid and more ecological, customers are identified by reading their license plate or their electronic toll tag as they pass under an entry portal.
When they leave, their vehicle is recognized at the tollgate and its route is reconstructed, allowing the amount to be paid to be calculated automatically. "This innovation, which we are the first to offer our customers, not only improves the road and travel experience, but is also fully in line with our low-carbon strategy. Other possibilities for « ticketless » entry are being studied on our highway network. Our ambition is to be at the forefront of technology", explains Guillaume Hérent, Managing Director of APRR and AREA.
The advantages of ticketless entry are numerous. First of all, it makes it easier to enter the highway, without stopping at a tollgate and without reducing speed, offering greater fluidity and safety. This configuration is also more ecological, as it requires less land, materials, paper for toll tickets and fuel for customers. It also reduces CO2 emissions, particularly from heavy goods vehicles. Finally, « ticketless » entry generates less noise pollution and is more respectful of local residents.
"Based on these experiments conducted on our highway networks, we are fully prepared for the era of dematerialization, which is about to begin with the inauguration this fall of the A79 highway, the first free-flow highway in France", says Guillaume Hérent. Indeed, next November will see the inauguration of the A79, conceded to ALIAE and operated by APRR, between the towns of Montmarault (Allier) and Digoin (Saône-et-Loire), i.e. 88 km without any toll barriers!