In Bordeaux, Eiffage Immobilier signs the VEFA of a low-carbon tertiary complex with the Pierval Santé group

Construction Division

In Bordeaux, on Boulevard Godard, Eiffage Construction is starting to build five buildings with a total floor area of 9,000 sq. m. The buildings have been awarded E+C- level E2C2 and NF HQE Tertiaire certification and are part of the "Bordeaux frugal building" approach. The Pierval Santé group has just acquired more than a third of the project's total surface area from Eiffage Immobilier and jops conseils under a VEFA (sale in future state of completion) agreement.

The project, entitled "Archipel", designed by the architects LACROUTS and MASSICAULT, under the supervision of Eiffage Immobilier and jops conseils, will bring together five four-storey office buildings with a total floor area of 9,000 m².
The SCPI Pierval Santé has acquired two of the five buildings from Eiffage Immobilier and jops conseils under a VEFA contract, for a total surface area of 3,600 m². The Medic Global group will operate 48 consulting lots dedicated to a multidisciplinary health centre and 12 parking spaces.

In addition to its bioclimatic architecture, the landscaped core area and the interior office spaces will offer modularity and flexibility.
On the construction side, the design and technical packages are being carried out in BIM with a mixed concrete structure and non-load-bearing timber-frame facades manufactured by Eiffage Construction's subsidiary Savare.
Eiffage Construction's structural design office has favoured the use of materials with low environmental impact. In practice, the building will be connected to a district heating network. The building will also be very energy-efficient, with 86% of its consumption coming from renewable energy sources, resulting in low emissions (61 kgCO2/MWh). The first two buildings are scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2024.

Congratulations to our teams in the South-West region for this low-carbon operation!
Owner: Eiffage Immobilier and jops conseils
Architect: Lacrouts et Massicault
General contractor: Eiffage Construction